Investment Outlook and US Sectors Investment Performance

The global economy has suffered two unprecedented shocks in a short amount of time. First came the Covid pandemic in 2020 and this was followed by the war in Ukraine in February 2022. Both already have a serious effect on markets and especially on economic policy. These shocks have created new geopolitical priorities by exposing […]

Is gold a good hedge against inflation?

Why is gold generally considered a good inflationary hedge? Gold is a valuable resource with many benefits that make it an ideal investment. These benefits include its scarcity, durability, portability, divisibility, and liquidity. Gold prices are not moving up as most investors would expect even amid globally rising inflation. Traditionally, gold was one of the […]

US Natural Gas and future outlook

Natural gas is the third most important source of energy behind oil and coal. The use of natural gas is growing quickly and is expected to overtake coal in the second spot by 2030. Natural gas was first developed commercially in the United States in 1825 but became a major source of energy globally in […]

Corn Futures Overview and recent developments

Corn futures are exchange-traded contracts on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and are amongst the top 5 most-commonly traded commodity futures. Corn is the most widely grown crop across the United States, and corn futures contracts are the most active commodity in grains and oilseeds. Corn’s major use is to serve as livestock and […]

The recent Ruble paradox

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there was a steady decline of the Russian Ruble against all major currencies. On March 7th, the Ruble hit a new low of about 137 against the US Dollar. Lately it seems oddly enough that the Ruble is back despite the flurry of sanctions imposed by the West against […]

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