SMS Services

Fortissio clients receive news and market updates, along with general information about the current state of global financial affairs. ​

The charts, news, alerts, market updates etc., are provided by FORTISSIO (VIE FINANCE A.E.P.E.Y. S.A. ) without any charge for the Client. They are provided for information purposes only and do not constitute nor can be construed as provision of investment advice. Fortissio (VIE FINANCE A.E.P.E.Y. S.A. ) does not cross check nor warrant the accuracy of the information contained therein. The Client is strongly encouraged to seek any additional or similar information from any other source.

Here at Fortissio, we always make sure that our traders are well equipped with the tools they need in order to make a decision based on up-to-the minute market updates.

SMS services is one such tool meant to provide our traders with updates on market’s direction at any given time and decide what their next move will be.

Our SMS services include:

• Daily economic calendar
• Newsflash notifications

Our apologies, but we cannot serve clients from this country at this time.