Margin Close- Out

What is Margin Close-Out?

In the event that the total margin of your account falls below 50% of the amount of the initial margin required to open the position, the system will trigger Margin Close-Out (MCO).

When MCO is triggered, the open position will be closed automatically. If there is more than 1 position open, the open position with the least volume will be closed automatically. The rule will apply any time MCO is triggered and can be repeated until all open positions are closed. This is to protect you from losing all your capital at once.

MCO also applies to positions with a Stop Loss Order or limited risk protection.

MCO will not prevent you from adding capital to your margin if you wish to do so.

MCO applies only during market opening hours and is not triggered outside market hours.

If you have insufficient margin in your account and are unable to close any hedged positions, you must make your request by calling our Brokerage Department on (+30)2112340924 or sending an email to

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